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Zhang Dongyu

Zhang Dongyu

Member of China Female Artists Association.

Member of China Stage Art Society

Member of China Television Art Society

National First Class Artist

Graduated from China Central Academy of Drama.Have worked in China Central Television being an art designer

1987 Starlight Cup for Best Television ArtDesign 

1989 Exhibitor--Seven Women’s Paintingshow--China National Gallery

1991 Starlight Cup for Best TelevisionArt Design 

1995 National Gold Prize, Television ArtDesign, Chinese Television Art Association

1997 took part in Chinese Year artexhibition-- Rotterdam,Netherlands 

2004 Best Design Prize,ChinaStage Art Association

2005 Best Art Design Award,ChinaTelevision Art Association

2008 Exhibitor--Tuo Zhan and Rong He oil paintingexhibition, China National Gallery

2009 Best Art Design Award,ChinaTelevision Art Association

2009 Picture book <Kite> Published

2011 Picture book<Small OrangeLamp>Published

2013 Exhibitor—Seven Women's Paintingshow—Today Gallery, Beijing

2013 The character of painting, Dadu Museum of Art

2015 The 62th Japan Portrait Exhibition,Tokyo Art Museum

2016 Picture book <Bright in the water>published, and won the Top ten book 2016 Weibo 

book list. 2017FengZikai Shortlisted Award.Selected for the 2017 Laureate Books

2017Contemporary Oil Painting Exhibition of Female Artists in Beijing

2019 Moving to Seattle start to paint At home Seres

​2022 A winner in The 2022 American Art Awards

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